About the Fund

Accelero Ventures

Accelero Ventures was established with the Polish Development Fund and private investors. The funds invested by PFR Ventures come from the Starter program.

We invest amounts up to PLN 4 million to increase the equity of companies at the pre-seed, seed or series A rund. We take up minority stakes, thanks to which the enterpreneurs and founders have a further real influence on the company’s operations, its development and the definition and implementation of subsequent goals. The level of acquired shares depends on the stage of project development, the risk associated with a given investment and the estimated capital intensity of the project being implemented.

We focus on technology companies in the area of CleanTech, BioTech, FMCG and IT / ICT, whose innovative projects will qualify as the so-called disruptive innovations.

Thanks to the many years of complementary business experience of the Accelero Ventures Team, in addition to financial support, we offer our portfolio companies assistance in many substantive areas. Thanks to the cooperation with Accelero Ventures, the enterpreneurs and founders will be able to use the support to obtain further financing, investment consulting, organizational support, as well as strategy planning and further development plans. We also help in solving operational problems and support our industry know-how.

We invest and support projects from the following areas of activity



We invest in projects related to innovation in the field of renewable energy, energy storage, solutions in the field of energy efficiency management and technologies in the field of BIPV buildings, electromobility, virtual power plants, virtual prosumers and demand management and micro-generation of energy within households and enterprises, as well as tokenization of the energy produced using blockchain technology.



We are looking for projects at the junction of biotechnology and green energy, especially in the field of biomethane and biohydrogen. We see extremely promising opportunities both in auxiliary areas, such as diagnostics and manufacturing planning, as well as in usability testing. This applies in particular to food, feed, agricultural production substrates, waste disposal from these processes, or standardization, tests and uses in vivo, e.g. bionic devices.



We are interested in cooperation with companies that will implement solutions which increase the competitiveness of the independent and network market. We invest in projects that offer the possibility of implementing innovative solutions using knowledge from various scientific disciplines, incl. artificial intelligence, biometrics, neuromarketing, mainly to introduce new standards in broadly understood communication with the client.



The main area of our interest are projects related to innovations in the field of Internet of Things, cybersecurity and mechanisms using machine learning. We invest in ideas that meet the human need for efficiency and comfort, and ensure precise data analysis and optimization of various processes, including lowering the cost base.

Criteria assessment potential

Intellectual Property Rights

the developed technology should be innovative, there should be no doubts as to its ownership and it should have a chance for effective legal protection.

Creating added value

technology should create real value for recipients and introduce changes to the existing market model.

A convincing business model

the business model should use competitive advantages that may allow the company to increase its value over a period of time.

The occurrence of a local need

future, probable, also locally occurring need for a specific product - because potential innovations of a global nature should have a noticeable, unmet need and a real space to be tested in an accessible environment, among local recipients.

ESG strategy